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This Simpsons called it years ago.

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t’s not as much a deterioration fact it’s the disease I have which er, uh, the- the right eye is blind as you know.
And that was done, er, unfortunately as- as a result of a detached retina.
And the retina they could never splice together.
They tried to seal it together and couldn’t, and told me I’d lose my eyesight at that y’know, o- o- o- short or long term I would lose it.
And unfortunately … er the … retinal er ah er a retinal det- detachment started in my left eye, my good eye, which I still have today.
And it was the result of glaucoma … and … a retinal … not detachment but a retinal … er, er, I don’t know what the hell they call it, it’s er … that does it.
Today er zer zer I am what they call legally, because of this retinal problem and er glaucoma, er, I- I’m what they call … erm … legally blind.


Swans - I Was a Prisoner In Your Skull

Testing…one, two, three. Well…well fuck, I mean; I just don’t know what to say. I’m very glad to be here with you tonight, I’ll be able to talk to you about some things…that I know a great deal about. Everyone knows that you are fucked up. And everyone knows that I am fucked up. But, does everyone know that you are more fucked up than me? Well, I know that. And you know that. But our purpose is to tell everyone that. Take for instance, the time you went to the bathroom, to take a shower. You had some soap, a towel, shampoo, washcloth, a brush, everything was set. But you had to call me to come turn on the water for you. You didn’t know where or how. That is one instance of how fucked up you are. A second instance of how fucked up your are: You was going to cook you some breakfast. Well you went in there, and put some toast in the toaster, put a skillet on the stove, put some grease in it. You got you some eggs out, some bacon. Poured you some orange juice and some coffee. Got some jelly and some butter. Fried eggs, salt, pepper, got some bacon on the grill. Everything was fine - except for one thing. You had to call me in there…to show you how to use a fork. Now a third instance; the way you’re fucked up. You got dressed, ready to go to school. Everything was fine - got outside, got in your car. Key in the ignition. Except for one thing. You had to call me to come show you.

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my new EP of noise music “quero morre”

my new EP of noise music “quero morre”

my life is complete

my life is complete

"Yeah. Man, that hits the spot. Nothing like a great cup of black coffee"

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gone with the touch of your hand

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The date—what was the date? September 22nd.

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lost (by ashaykaden)


lost (by ashaykaden)

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